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Alexander Wang Sale - Weekend Update

J and I checked out the Alexander Wang sale today at 10 (intended arrival time: 9:30 a.m. HAH). There was a short but quick line…be warned that they make you check EVERYTHING. We had the tiniest bags and they made us check them, ugh. Also, if you pay and try to go back in, they will make you check your bag too (even though they staple it up! Talk about security…though it was indeed a MADHOUSE in there and would have been easy to swipe stuff I suppose).

So around 10:30, it started getting SUPER crowded…I headed straight downstairs to check out the bags but saw two left. (Before we headed out around 11, I stopped by again and saw maybe 6 of the Emile burlap totes…the sales associate told me those were the last of the bags and they would be getting no more shipments. Who knows if she was right or not…but just fyi. So sad no more Roccos..).

Large Emile Tote in Burlap:
alexander wang emile tote

We both ended up purchasing only from the T line (and we kind of got too lazy to dig much through the boxes…though there was still a lot of merch left—lots of Ms and Ls…some Ss…XSs were few and far between. but still there if you’re patient…as G had warned us, be prepared to dig!).

J picked up a nice $35 dress with zippers on the side (not just a t-shirt material dress!), as well as a pair of knit black shorts (xs!) with a zipper up the left leg for $35—super cute!

I got a poly-rayon blend tank for $35…I totally had an XS version hanging there and someone stole it from right under my nose! (btw, impromptu changing area = nice, but lots of dudes walking around, so I def recommend sample sale outfit of leggings/bralette/tube/something)

Oh well, it’s cropped in the back, so maybe it’s better that I got small…what do you think? Can I wear it out like this, or should I just keep it casual with jeans?

Shoes: $10, H&M
Silk shorts: Alex Lane via Intermix sample sale, $40

Necklace: Forever 21, $7

Tomorrow’s the last day! I’d recommend getting there early to beat the rush. Prices have been reduced (T starts at $25? and RTW starts at $45…supposedly they may cut even more tomorrow. Sorry forgot to snap a pic of the reduced prices).
97 Greene St.
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Space NK Online Sale

For you non-New Yorkers (or people who were too busy to go), Space NK just started their up to 75% off sale…and it’s basically the same stuff they had at their sale last week at the same price points. Not the greatest sale, but hey, if you’re in the market for some brushes…check it out!

Our pick: $3 Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush

sonia kashuk eyeliner brush space nk

Alexander Wang - update from the madness

Where: 97 Greene St (btw Prince & Spring)

When: Wed (8/3) from 3 to 8 PM
Thurs (8/4) – Sat (8/6) from 10 AM to 7 PM
Sun (8/7) from 10 AM to 4 PM

I started lining up for the sale a little after 5:30 PM, and I probably waited for an hour in the rain. Once you step inside, they ask you to put your umbrella on a shelf to the right and check your bag (grab your wallet before you check everything in). If you have a nice umbrella, I would try to put it with your purse—when I was heading out, this girl couldn’t find her Burberry umbrella, and the staff was pretty much like someone must have stolen it (*shrug*)…I felt so bad for her! Who would steal someone’s umbrella…that’s really mean!  

I actually prefer the old location. The space this time is big, but it was so dark you could barely see what color things were or if they looked good. There’s a lot of merchandise, but you have to dig for the lower priced items. The bins had a good variety of sizes (XS to Large). I overheard some girl next to me saying she could only find XS in the bin she was digging through, so after she was done I went through it and found a cute simple white tank for $35. I also found this Cami Tank Dress in a peachy color, but I ended up putting it back because it was just too tight…need to get rid of the stomach first. (They also have a long version of the dress.)

Check out Racked NY for great details on the pieces available and the prices. They reported a minimum on credit cards, but according to the staffer I spoke with, there’s no minimum.

They made an announcement that you had be in line to pay by 7:15 PM and the line was insane (cash line was much faster)! While waiting in the long line, the Brenda bag (whitish-gray color) called my name. I was standing right next to the rack of bags in the back room, and I couldn’t resist. I don’t know if I should keep it, but I have it for now :P

Since I was there while they were closing up, I overheard the staff talking about putting together a RTW bin for $70 or $80. I’m pretty sure they’ll slash prices as they get closer to the end of the sale. Let us know if you score anything awesome!

Waiting in the rain :P

Boxes of goodies!

Cleaning up the madness

Still shopping while waiting to pay

Of course there’s a crazy long line at the Alexander Wang Sample Sale! What rain? 

97 Greene St btw Prince & Spring 
Wed (8/3) from 3 to 8 PM
Thurs-Sat from 10 AM to 7 PM
Sun (8/7) from 10 AM to 4 PM

Of course there’s a crazy long line at the Alexander Wang Sample Sale! What rain?

97 Greene St btw Prince & Spring
Wed (8/3) from 3 to 8 PM
Thurs-Sat from 10 AM to 7 PM
Sun (8/7) from 10 AM to 4 PM

Forever 21 Strikes Again…

I’ve always been fond of indie eco-fashion label Feral Childe, ever since I first discovered it last year (sorry, we’ve heard of no sample sales or else you’d for sure know about it!). Now it seems that F21 has gone and done it again, copying Feral Childe’s hand-drawn Teepees design—a design that’s actually registered with the U.S. Copyright Office!

feral childe forever 21 copyright infringement

(Feral Childe above, F21’s design below)

Like NY mag writes, while counterfeiting in general sucks, it seems especially worse when they rob smaller companies like this—it seriously damages their business. Forever 21, we love you, but please don’t make us boycott you.

Best of luck to Feral Childe in getting what they deserve!


Awesome lashes! (via Birchbox)

crazy indeed, but I too, kind of love them…


I have to be honest, when I first saw these faux lashes from U.K.-based company Paperself, I thought they were way over the top. After further investigation, I still wouldn’t wear them out and about, but I think they are just so darn pretty (and absolutely perfect for Lady Gaga)….

Sunner Sample Sale: Quick Recap

Tons of florent ruffle dresses! Saw mostly 2, 4s, and 6s…silk dresses at $20 = always a deal!

Picked up a green one:

sunner florent silk dress

Other colors spotted: a lovely magenta (in a hammered silk version: gorg but in a size 4, or else I would have picked it up), pink, red, and black….and romper versions! All $20! (Only outerwear is $50.)

Also saw lots of the flounce silk maxi (still going for $90 on sale on ShopBop!).

Ends at 7 p.m. today so head over soon! Tons of dresses still in plastic on the hangers.

Where: 265 West 37th St (between 7th and 8th Ave, closer to 8th), 9F


White+Warren - Today Only!

Always overestimate the level of craziness when going to a sample sale. I arrived at 9 AM for the White+Warren sample sale thinking there wouldn’t be THAT many people, but I was very wrong! There were tons of people and the sample racks were already pretty empty.

Where: 80 West 40th Street, 3rd floor. 
When: TODAY ONLY, Thursday July 21st, from 9 to 7 PM
*Cash & credit cards accepted

Silk Shirt: $30
Slip Dress: $30 
Samples, Tees: $10
Samples, Not Cashmere: $20
Samples, Cashmere $30 
Pants: $30 
Shorts: $20 
Jackets: $40
Cashmere: $50
Modal/Cotton: $25 (e.g., Modal Layering Tank)
Sweaters, Not Cashmere: $30
Silk: $30 

There’s a whole table and boxes full of colorful cable cardigans. Not a lot of dresses, just a couple of the Maxi Slip Dress in the corner. Hard to find small sizes, mostly medium and large sizes left. The travel wraps went really fast ($100). There are a couple mirrors, but no dressing rooms. According to the sales person they will not be replenishing stock.

Sad empty sample sale rack :(

Pants & shorts, mostly medium and large sizes.

Plenty of colorful cable cardigans.

Rack of Modal/Cotton tanks and shirts. Pretty dress, but too big for me :(

Cynthia Vincent Sale: Quick Recap

Detailed update to follow…but some quick takeaways:

  • Busy but not too crowded—pleasant shopping! (Thank you, Club Monaco?)
  • Only 1 rack of $20 samples (Racked reported 2 yesterday), BUT in the 30-40 min. we were there they replenished TWICE. (So try asking if it looks sparse.)
  • Shoes are dwindling…but saw wedges, sandals, and ikat ballet flats…all $65

I spent way too much (of course), but check out the lovely wedges I picked up for $65…still going on Endless for $117!

cynthia vincent juno wedges

Also saw them in brown and black, but only in large sizes (like 9 and 9.5?). Two more pairs in this black/white style left—one 6 and one in 9? (I forget if it was 9 or 9.5…a larger size basically. The run a tad tight.)


Club Monaco Sample Sale

WHAT: Club Monaco Sample Sale  
WHEN: Tuesday, July 19th - Thursday, July 21st.
          9am - 12pm & 1pm - 5pm
WHERE: 601 West 26th St between 11th & 12th Ave., Suite 800
           (turn right when you walk in & let security know you’re there for the sale) 
* Credit Cards Only  

I got in line at 8:40 AM and didn’t get into the sale until 10:00 ish. The line takes forever because one person has to come out before you can go in. The room is pretty small, but packed with clothes and accessories. No changing rooms, and not even a walled off area for changing. Also, there are no mirrors. Bring a friend; or I saw some girl using her front facing camera.

There was no method to the madness. There were just bins and bins of clothes that you had to dig through. A lot of damage items so you have to look carefully. Every time I dug through a bin or shifted through the racks I found mostly Mediums or size 6. I had a really hard time finding anything smaller than a size 4, but I was in a bit of a rush. There was a table full of pants, but with all the people, the heat (they had a couple fans and portable air conditioners), and holding things I thought I may want, I just couldn’t be bothered to look for my size. 

- Be crazy and go super early or don’t go at all in the morning
- Bring a small purse
- Bring water…it was really hot waiting in the hallway
- Call me crazy, but bring a canvas shopping bag to store the things you want so you have hands to shop.  

Typing these prices out made me really want to go back. So cheap!

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